Exploring the Best Kindergarten Homeschool Resources for Your Child

Exploring the Best Kindergarten Homeschool Resources for Your Child

Homeschooling is a subject that has drawn debate for quite some time. Some parents may be determined to educate their children at home because they do not view the public school system as nourishing them with the necessary education. Some parents are mainly concerned about the security of these public institutions and socialization. Citing education researchers, it is seen that the number of scholars now homeschooling has doubled in the last decade. Homeschooling guidance packed with numerous beneficial resources can be as intimidating as motivating since it is both accurate and inaccurate simultaneously. The proper tools can shape a child's future, guiding them onto the right path of learning and curiosity, while inadequate ones may cause delays in their learning process and decrease their motivation. 

In this blog, you will examine the significant homeschool for kindergarten resources that target various approaches to education, different ways of learning, and subject areas that match what the young learner or student needs to know.

Children Playing With Toys

Understanding kindergarten learning goals

For starters, it is imperative to outline the educational goals you seek to reach for a child in homeschool kindergarten. Kindergarten is usually when schools prepare all the kids' minds for the years to come. It includes the acquisition of basic literacy and numeracy, understanding how the world works, developing fine and gross motor skills, and working on communication and social skills. 

First, this included letters and sounds, the pillars of learning to read, write, and speak correctly. Kindergarten will blend education styles by using a variety of fun and interactive ways to satisfy the diverse learning needs of all students.

Then, in class, kindergarteners will be taught to make simple CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words, like hat, red, and dog. They'll also compose short and simple sentences like "The cat went home!" They can name and explain the main types of shapes (triangle, rectangle, circle, square). At the end of the school year, your child will be able to sort, categorize, and organize objects according to shape, size, and color.  

Reasons Why You Should Prefer Homeschooling

Here are some significant reasons that will help you decide about homeschooling: 

Greater Focus

The children do not need to take an obligation to learn things they are not interested in. Then, they can get an opportunity to explore areas of interest in greater depth and with no fear because there is no pressure from other students or teachers dictating where the students should go. Homeschooling for kindergarten allows your child to experience learning and personal development in an environment where they are shielded from many troublesome things they could run into in regular high schools. This will result in a child being given personalized care in order to increase their chances of success in their studies, therefore becoming a person as a whole at the end of the day.

Affinity Between a Parent and a Child

Whether you are dealing with a suitable homeschooling situation, this form of schooling guarantees board-to-board bonding between the parent and their child or children. In traditional schooling, parental involvement is almost minimal. Homeschooling your child implies that you are present and engaging in your child's educational curve. The parent-teacher conferences allow those present to see how parents and school personnel work understandably together when students need to be taught, and they turn their heads to ask you something; in that instance, there is no distraction. Giving an active role in their learning course ensures that one learns better than standing aside and listening.

Flexible Learning

Homeschooling gives you an advantage in adjusting your child's education so that they can learn according to how they do. When children learn faster than others, they can overcome the lessons quickly and proceed on to more challenging material. In contrast, those who learn slowly can experience no pressure on themselves and still keep succeeding. Everything is dynamic and exciting. Working together on an amusement with your little one is possible instead of working on math at home. Kids study mathematics better at home, which has multiple advantages over studying it in school, where the pressure is too high. Also, if you are wondering about the syllabus, the homeschooling kindergarten curriculum portion is accessible for them to memorize.

Deeper and Richer Learning

Home education provides a unique opportunity for the student to comprehend even the difficulty of materials; this may be rare in the traditional school setting, where students are grouped according to their age and ability level. This implies that the sessions have more time allocated to interaction with the trainer, so the chances of a child coming out successfully with their studies become high; hence, they become all-rounded people at the end of the day. 
Preschool Learning

Main Subjects and Connected Teaching

Most kindergarten curriculum homeschool focuses on core subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, and social studies, usually taught at this stage. However, the best method is to use teaching techniques that include all subjects to be most effective at this age. Search for educational materials that facilitate the search for information and learning by integrating the learning process into one coherent, enjoyable learning cycle.

Reading and Literacy

1. Bob Books: These books have simple paragraphs with clearly marked syllable stresses and excellent pace and are ideally suited for use by the earliest readers. These schools pay attention to phonetics, which usually starts with your child learning to read confidently.

2. Guide Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons: This phonics-oriented, step-by-step workbook is what you need to be capable of teaching your child to read at home in a structured form. 

3. From Story Time in Space, literature is sprinkled with wonder by astronauts standing in space and reading books to children. Homeschooling curriculum kindergarten will also teach your child about phonetics to know how sounds are produced. 


A manipulative-based program that is good for visual and tactile learners as the math concepts are turned into concrete blocks. It is a very innovative and straightforward way to learn the most challenging subject. Other programs have games and exercises to help kids have fun while learning math.

Science and Exploration

1. Mystery Science: This involves fun online science courses that are educational and entertaining. The lessons will include instructions for the activities and their translation into ready-to-use at-home activities. 

2. National Geographic Kids: This site contains interesting videos, articles, and games about nature and animals, which a curious young mind is looking for.

3. KiwiCo Crates: These create science or art projects tailored to specific age groups and interests, promoting creative and scientific thinking.

Art and creativity

1. Art Kids: One of the YouTube channels has a step-by-step drawing tutorial, which is like a leisurely walk in the park for kids. Therefore, they can train their fine motor skills and artistic expression. 

2. DJECO Art Kits: These art kits come with top-grade materials and creative yet age-appropriate assignments for young children. 

3. Music Together: This program sees music as a helping hand in young people's development. It presents classes and materials that contribute to each child's abilities in mathematics and language.

Physical Activity and Motion Skills

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga: These videotapes tell a story that keeps the kids amused while performing on their physical flexibility and balance.

2. GoNoodle offers movement and mindfulness videos that subliminally influence kids to stand up and dance, which helps burn off excess energy while creating motor skills.

3. Music to Grow on: This program started with the importance of music in early childhood, featuring vocal and math skills-building singing lessons and materials.

Social Skills and Figure-Learning Process

1. Tiger Daniel's Neighborhood: This is a series of apps and games that explore emotions and social interaction in young children.

2. Emily Arrow or Bright and Brilliant with Emily Arrow: Emily Arrow is an expert who works exclusively to nurture children's emotional well-being and social skills. It becomes easy to start the day on a good note. 

3. Social Activities for Children: Improving Social Skills, written by Natasha Daniel, is a valuable handbook of ready-to-go activities for enhancing social skills.


Specific Learning Opportunities and Other Added Education Resources

1. How to Implement Montessori at Home: This is a master guide for parents expecting to apply Montessori practices in income-based education, focusing on self-learning.

2. Waldorf Essentials: This division provides an overview of the Waldorf education philosophy and offers helpful tips on how it can be applied to kindergarten homeschooling.

3. Time4Learning: It is an online kindergarten homeschool education that offers the chance to work at one's own pace and in the areas of one's choice.


Drawing Down the Curtain

The selection of homeschooling curriculum materials for your kindergartener is among the substantial first stages of your homeschooling path. You can create a supportive and fruitful learning space at home by considering your child's interests and needs while simultaneously applying great educational items and lively hands-on activities. Your purpose will become just like that of Be Just Simple when you know that homeschooling aims to obtain your child's love of learning, creativity, and curiosity, which will become a great fire for your educational journey. 

By thoughtfully choosing from the kindergarten homeschool resources given earlier, you are taking the right step toward providing an enriching learning environment for your child at home. Every child's learning path is distinct, and by giving the right tools and attitude, you and your child can make it a profoundly gratifying process. This particular discovery and development time for young educators motivates Be Just Simple to connect with you.





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