Nano Espresso Portable Electric Coffee Machine with 3-4 Min Self-Heating, for Camping, Travel, RV, Hiking, Office

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Product Description:

Elevate your coffee experience with the our NANO PORTABLE ELECTRIC ESPRESSO MACHINE. Fast heating, 20 bars of pressure, and exceptional portability make it a must-have for coffee lovers on the move. Please ensure you have a USB-C Wall Charger to charge Outin Nano.

Experience the Ultimate in Portable Espresso

  • Upgraded Efficiency: The pinnacle of mini espresso machines, Outin Nano delivers unparalleled performance. Its high-efficiency battery brews one extra cup, and it heats water and extracts espresso at the press of a button.

  • Enhanced Battery & Speed: Powered by a 7500mAh rechargeable battery, it brews 3-5 cups on a single charge, outperforming competitors. Heating cold water to 94°C/201°F in just 3-4 minutes with 20 bars of pressure, it ensures rich crema and exceptional flavor.

  • Double 2-in-1 Feature: Versatile and accommodating, this travel coffee maker accepts ground coffee and coffee capsules from renowned brands. It supports both cold and hot water brewing, outshining others by brewing an additional cup.

  • Portable & Compact: Outin Nano has been meticulously downsized to the size of a water bottle, making it your ideal companion for coffee enjoyment on the go. Perfect for adventurers and coffee enthusiasts, whether you're traveling, camping, hiking, backpacking, or at home and the office.

  • Leak-proof & Safe: Your safety is paramount. Outin Nano features leak-proof and heat-insulated design to ensure no spills and no burns. It's also compatible with 5V car charging adapters, allowing for versatile charging on the road or at home.

  • Superior Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 12-month return policy and round-the-clock after-sales support. Get your Outin Nano risk-free.



Q1: What should you do if the coffee doesn't come out? A1: Due to the air pressure, the coffee might not be able to come out. And the coffee grounds in the water also might block the inner tube and prevent the coffee from draining. Please use purified water only. Before each operation, please use cold water to run the device once. No need to install the portafilter, just double-click the button to extract. Not only can clean the inner part, but also avoid this problem. If this happens, please turn the body upside down and disassemble the portafilter. Then, pour some cold water into the water outlet. Finally, double-click the button to unblock air pressure. This problem can almost be fixed.

Q2: How many cups can you brew with one charge? A2: The original Espresso performs at its best when you extract with 50ml of water (Get 1 shot of 30ml espresso). So I would recommend you brew 50ml every time, and get 5 cups on a full charge. But if you are going to use 80ml of water, the machine can only extract 3 cups.

Q3: What should you do if the machine does not work? (Only beeps but not running)

1. (Beeps once) Press the power button to check if the batter is low (below 2 bars). Charge it fully before use.

2. (Beeps twice) Battery Overheating Protection is on. Please wait 5 mins before your next brew.

3. (Beeps three times) Boil-Dry Protection is on. Make sure there's water in the tank before operating.

4. (No beeps, just lights flash alternatively) Short / Open Circuit Protection is on. Please contact Customer Support for help.

Q4: How to avoid water leakage (Failed Extraction)?

a) For ground coffee: Firstly, check if the ground coffee is too full, the ideal capacity is 5-6 grams, about 80% full. Secondly, check if you tamp the ground coffee before closing the lid. Thirdly, check if you put the holder into the portafilter properly. Finally, check if you install the portafilter and screw it in tightly. b) For coffee capsules: Firstly, check if you push the capsule firmly into the holder. Secondly, check if you put the capsule holder into the portafilter properly. Finally, check if you screw the portafilter into the body tightly, or else the brew may fail.

Q5: I pressed the button but it didn't heat, and the espresso is cold, what to do? A5: If you press the button for more than 5 seconds, it will extract the coffee without heating the cold water. Please press for 2 seconds till hearing the beep and let go of the button.

Q6: How can I puncture the foil of the capsule successfully every time? A6: First, push the capsule firmly into the holder. Second, put the capsule holder into the portafilter properly. Third, screw the portafilter into the body tightly, or else the brew may fail.

Q7: What to do if Outin Nano fails to charge? A7: Check your wall charger and see if the output is 5V/3A. Only support adapters compatible with 5V/3A. Attention: If your machine hasn't been used for a while, it might take longer to charge. Please be patient.

Q8: Can I use the machine while charging? A8: The machine can't operate while charging.

Q9: How do you know if the machine is about to die? A9: If the lights flash 2 times and beep 1 time, that means it's dying and you need to go charge it.

Q10: Can I bring it to mountain climbing? A10: Yes, but you should know that the higher the altitude, the lower the boiling point. The heating temperature will be below 94℃/201℉. I would recommend you take this machine to mountains that are below 6500ft.


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