Mistakes You Should Avoid When Designing Your Dining Room

TOP 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Designing Your Dining Room

We have already determined that without a doubt it is the point of attention of all eyes in any home, we can also agree that it is the place where family ties are strengthened while enjoying themselves around exquisite trays, that is why the design and decoration of the dining area goes beyond the merely aesthetic, however, in this search for the perfect dining area we cannot avoid falling into a series of errors that can undermine the great usefulness and beauty that the dining room can offer us, that is That is why in this writing we will discuss some of the most frequent mistakes that we must avoid when designing the dining room area.

Among the most common mistakes that we can list is the lack of harmony between the dining room furniture, expensive is often confused with ideal dining room furniture, achieving a chaotic mix of textures, colors and styles that can generally give a strange feeling. of disorder and some confusion in the dining room, so it is advisable to make an assertive selection regarding the dining room furniture to maintain visual coherence.

The choice of appropriate dining room furniture is also crucial for the layout of the space because it guarantees the fluid circulation of diners and the lack of consideration for space can give the feeling of a claustrophobic and messy dining room.

Another mistake that is normally made in the design of the dining area is to overlook the importance of lighting since improper lighting can excessively detract from the charm of the dining area, instead achieving a gloomy and elaborate space. For this, the combination of natural light and artificial light is recommended, which can turn the dining room space into a versatile area that can be adapted to any occasion.

Another of the common mistakes that we want to mention in this writing is the exaggeration in the decoration of the dining room area since overloading the space can divert the diners' attention from what should really matter in the dining room such as the food and the people with whom. those culinary delights are shared. For this, we recommend selecting a minimalist style because this way we can enhance the beauty of the dining room without overloading the dining area.

At this point we can conclude that to design the dining area we must take into account some relevant points mentioned in this space that stands as the central point of the home and where the entire family and those closest to us weave memories that will last over time.

5 dining room mistakes

1. Ignore space size

Designing a dining room without properly considering the size of the space is a common mistake that can have significant consequences on the functionality and aesthetic appearance of the environment. Many people fall into the trap of completely ignoring the available dimensions, which can result in an inappropriate selection of furniture and accessories that unbalance the harmony of the space.

When designing the dining room area, it is very common to make the mistake of not taking into account the layout of the dining room space and saturating it with furniture that, apart from giving it life or achieving the desired style, turns it into a congested and boring dining room, not to mention the discomfort of diners and circulation and the lack of space not only generates a feeling of suffering, but also poses difficulty for simple tasks such as moving a chair.

However, selecting very small furniture to decorate a large space with the intention of making it look larger is another common mistake since selecting very tiny dining room furniture creates a feeling of a sparsely inhabited and underused space. They are dining room furniture that gets lost in the same space, largely subtracting the dining room's personality and warmth, generating a feeling of discomfort for the diner and a total disconnection from the environment.

Taking exact measurements of the dining room area is vital before selecting the dining room furniture and each of its accessories because this will help you accurately evaluate the space that will be available and thus the furniture of the dining room will also be determined more precisely. suitable dining room to meet the personality, design and desired warmth. The arrangement of the doors and windows and any other element that may define the position, size and other guidelines for the selection of dining room furniture must also be taken into account.

Now that we have taken the necessary measurements to size the dining area, it is time to carefully select all the dining room furniture. It is recommended that this furniture be versatile and functional pieces to maximize the use of the dining area without neglecting the aesthetics or comfort of the space. It is crucial that each piece of dining room furniture has its space around it that guarantees correct fluidity in circulation to guarantee a pleasant experience.

In conclusion, if we overlook the size of the dining area when designing it, it can lead to a series of problems from incorrect functionality to the aesthetics of the dining area itself, which is why taking exact measurements along with the good choice of Furniture that is proportional to the dimensions of the dining room area is crucial to generating the ideal space we want in our dining room.

10 dining room mistakes

2. Not considering adequate lighting

Just like the previous points, the lighting of the dining area is often another feature that we ignore, this should not be overlooked since it contributes to making the difference between an extremely sober area to another comfortable and welcoming space, regardless of whether it is Whether it is an office, a bedroom or, as is the case with this blog, a dining area, despite being an important feature in the design of the dining room, you will be surprised how many people overlook it. Below we present a series of reasons why ignoring this feature can become a very costly mistake.
First and foremost, the fundamental lighting for a desired atmosphere in any environment that we want to give personality. If we use clear, bright light, it can make a space feel emotional and energizing, ideal for spaces that require concentration such as an office, for example. On the other hand, if we consider using a softer or warmer light, it can generate a cozy and relaxing feeling.
But although the right lighting can give the dining space the personality we require, it also negatively influences the main function of the dining area. If an office is not lit correctly, workers may suffer fatigue and this can negatively affect their performance. On the other hand, a poorly lit kitchen can be dangerous when preparing food. In the case of the dining room area, the Lighting must be that factor that transforms the space into the environment we want to achieve.
We must not forget that lighting also directly influences highlighting the decorative elements that we have selected in the design of the dining room, the dining table, the dining room chairs, in short, the dining room furniture without mentioning that selective lighting can add depth to the space in this case, the dining room.

3. Disregarding functionality

It is very common that when we are designing the dining room area we completely ignore the functionality of each of the elements that make up the dining room as a whole and we focus clearly on the aesthetics of the dining room, but it is imperative that we achieve excellent cohesion between the aesthetics and functionality to make the dining area a welcoming and pleasant environment for each and every member of the family.

          It is necessary to think about the daily use that is going to be given to the dining room in order to consider the design and therefore, in the selection of the dining room furniture, one that meets the correct functionality, that is, that between each of the The pieces of dining room furniture have enough space to guarantee not only mobility among themselves but also the circulation of diners throughout the dining room environment in a comfortable way.
          On the other hand, it is important to take into account the location of the dining table in relation to the kitchen as this will significantly facilitate efficiency at meal time, improving the flow of effort when serving and collecting dishes, thus ensuring that Tasks can be carried out comfortably fluidly and without any interruptions.
          By managing to merge aesthetics and functionality in the dining room design, we will not only have an extremely attractive product, but we can also have a space that satisfies the needs of all family members, encouraging daily use of the space as if calling. family members to gather in the dining room to weave those moments that will last over time.

          4. Do not customize the design

          The dining room itself, in addition to being a space to share meals between family and friends, transcends beyond that, it becomes part of the identity of the family itself, and very often we make the mistake of following those trends that we believe. are fashionable, ignoring the preferences and needs that identify the family nucleus, we must take into account that each family is unique and therefore its identity is also unique and personalizing the design of the dining room is crucial to adapt it perfectly to the daily life of the family nucleus, no matter if this design is traditional and classic or better inclined towards a more modern and contemporary theme, this dining room design must be a perfect reflection of the aesthetic preferences and values of the family.
          In the design of the dining area, another very important aspect must also be considered, so we must not only focus on the visual aspect but also take into account comfort and functionality. In reference to the design, it can help us to ask ourselves these questions: What Are the activities that will be carried out in this space? Do you feel the need for a space for meetings and recreational activities? The answers can help you guide the design of your dining room to be versatile in the face of family needs and dynamics.
          On the other hand, the design of the dining area transcends beyond the mere choice of dining room furniture and other accessories; dining room decoration elements that have meaning for the family are essential to contribute to this personalization of the dining area as They are works of art, photographs, among others.

          5. Not paying attention to acoustics

          We have already mentioned in this blog the choice of dining room furniture, lighting and the layout of spaces, however, there is another aspect that we must take into account to avoid making a mistake and that is acoustics, by not taking this aspect into account. , understanding of the conversations that take place in this dining area can be considerably impaired. This element (acoustics) is regularly neglected in the design of the dining room, creating an uncomfortable environment for diners by maintaining a noisy environment.
          Luckily, there are several ideas for dining room design that allow us to improve this aspect. It is essential to consider incorporating elements such as, for example, a rug under the dining table, thick curtains and other elements that absorb noise, significantly improving the acoustics.

          In addition to these elements, the right choice of furniture and materials can also contribute significantly to improving the acoustics of the dining room. Opting for upholstered furniture and thick textiles instead of hard surfaces can help absorb sound rather than reflect it, creating a quieter, more comfortable environment to enjoy meals with family or friends.
          In short, paying attention to the acoustics of the dining room is essential to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for all occupants of the space. By incorporating elements such as rugs, curtains, acoustic panels and appropriate furniture, you can create an acoustically balanced environment that promotes clear conversations and memorable moments around the table.


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          Following these tips will undoubtedly help you avoid making common mistakes in dining room design. To do this, there are a wide variety of elements that can help you make the most assertive decisions. At Be Just Simple we help you create the perfect dining room with our unique products that you can discover by visiting our website by entering here .
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