Winter Rechargeable Heated Gray Scarf for Women/Men

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Product description

About this item

  • 【Warm And Cozy Heated Scarf】: Heated scarfs are high-quality Graphene heating elements with 3 heating levels to generate consistent heat to help keep the neck warm. It provides reliable support during cold weather and ensures warmth during all outdoor activities. With the 5000mAh bậttếry, the runtime is up to 3-6 hours.
  • 【Steps To Use】Step 1: Attach the pộwệr bẫnk to the USB port on the scarf. Step 2: Activate the pộwệr bẫnk. Step 3: Press and hold the switch for 1.5 seconds to turn on or off the scarf. It offers three heat options that can be adjusted: Red (55°C or 130°F), Blue (50°C or 120°F), and Green (45°C or 110°F). You can effortlessly adjust the heat of the scarf to either high, medium, or low settings using the button, depending on the temperature of your surroundings.
  • 【Soft Materials 】The heated scarf consists of High-quality cashmere. Before washing, kindly detach the mobile pộwệr supply, enabling direct washing with water as you would with a standard scarf. This simplifies the process of regular cleaning for this heated scarf.
  • 【Safer Usage】This product operates at a vộltagệ of 5V for heating, which is significantly lower than the vộltagệ deemed safe for the humẫn bộdy. The newest heating element functions at a reduced voltage and incorporates several safety measures. Only conduct heat but not ệlệctricity. Make your usage more secure and worry-free!
  • 【Trendy Gift Choice】The heated scarf is manufactured using high-quality fabric and features a fashionable design that can be worn by both males and females, complementing any type of coat. This would make an excellent option for a considerate Christmas present for your friends and family!
  • This scarf is powered by a 5000mAh battery. offers quick heating in just 3-5 seconds, providing warmth for up to 2-6 hours. Equipped with a 3-level temperature control, you can easily adjust the warmth to your liking. Made from soft and breathable materials, ensures both comfort and functionality.
  • Will this scarf provide sufficient warmth in chilly weather?

    This heating scarf uses high-quality graphene as the heating element and has 3 heating levels, generating continuous heat in different environments and effectively keeping the neck warm

    How much time does it stay functional when in use?

    With the inclusion of a 5000mAh battery, the device allows for a runtime of 3-6 hours, ensuring that you no longer have to worry about getting cold during outdoor activities

    Where is its location for heating?

    To enhance warmth, the product expands the heating area of the neck and shoulder heating pad, ensuring consistent warmth for your neck at all times.

    What is the standard of the product's quality?

    The product is composed of top-quality cashmere, ensuring a plush and cozy feel. It can be easily washed in water, making it hassle-free to keep clean.

  • Unrivaled Comfort with our Heated Scarf

    Designed for ultimate warmth and fashion, our heated scarf seamlessly merges comfort and winter protection. With advanced heating tech, it guarantees lasting warmth while maintaining a lightweight, chic design—your go-to for cozy, confident winter days

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