Rechargeable Heated Socks with APP Control Included Battery - Hunting, Fishing, Skiing

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Product description

Advanced Heating Innovation: Our rechargeable heated socks have been upgraded with an innovative 3D hidden electric heating wire. This wire is intricately woven into the fabric, encompassing the entire toe area. This seamless integration ensures a nearly imperceptible presence. The slender, contoured battery design not only fits snugly against the leg but also maintains a secure fit even during activities. The Type-C charging port offers convenient charging options.

Empowering Heat with APP Control: These heated socks offer dual control options - you can either remotely manage them through the dedicated app or control them manually using the rechargeable battery button. With a pair of 5W power and a substantial 5000mAh rechargeable battery, these socks provide up to 10 hours of continuous heating. Whether you're venturing outdoors for play or exploration, the app allows you to regulate warmth anytime, anywhere.

Customizable Temperature Settings: The battery-powered heated socks are equipped with three adjustable heat settings. Three indicator lights signify Gear III (149℉), two lights denote Gear II (131℉), and one light indicates Gear I (113℉). A simple press of the "on/off" button allows effortless switching between high, medium, and low temperatures to accommodate diverse comfort requirements.

Comfortable & Launderable: These heated socks are meticulously crafted from a blend of 22.5% viscose fiber, 52.5% nylon, 10% polyester, and 15% spandex. The result is a fabric that is gentle on the skin, breathable, moisture-wicking, and elastic. These heated socks can be hand-washed or machine-washed; however, kindly remove the batteries and place them in the provided laundry bag for machine washing.

Two Sizes for Perfect Fit: Our heated compression socks are thoughtfully designed for both men and women. They are available in L/XL sizes, recommended for 5-7 shoe sizes (L) and 9-17 shoe sizes (XL). With these electric heating socks, you can confidently engage in hunting, camping, skiing, or any outdoor activity while enjoying ample warmth for your legs. They make a wonderful winter gift for your parents, friends, and loved ones.

Battery Indicator and Washing Instructions: The green indicator light signifies battery power, with flashing indicating the battery status:

  • Fast flashing four times: 100% power
  • Fast flashing three times: 75% power
  • Fast flashing twice: 50% power
  • Fast flashing once: 25% power

The red indicator light signifies gear settings:

  • Three lights: Gear 3 (high temperature)
  • Two lights: Gear 2 (medium temperature)
  • One light: Gear 1 (low temperature)

Washing Instructions:

  1. Do not exceed 122°F water temperature.
  2. Remove the battery before cleaning and store the battery connecting wire properly.
  3. Machine wash socks in the provided laundry bag. Hand wash is recommended.
  4. Air dry the power cord. Avoid high-temperature ironing or drying.


360° Heating

Embrace the warmth with a heating pad surrounding your toes, providing a delightful 360° heating effect.

Rechargeable Battery Pocket

Securely store the battery in a specially designed pocket for utmost safety and portability.


Christmas Gift

Winter Warm Heated Socks As Gifts is definitely the best for man and wowen.


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